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JUNE 26, 2019


  To Be a Be-A-Friend Ambassador...

YAY! I'm an Ambassador... now what?


Ambassadors can receive email notifications when a new Project Youth is listed on our website or when a Friend Mail delivery has been made by sending your email address to with subject line "add me to your Ambassador mailing list!"


See The Wish and the Be-A-Friend Project will never share your contact information with anyone. Contact information, addresses and last names of any and all kids, both the letter-writers and the Project Youths receiving the letters, stay safely within the See The Wish office. Youths' last names or contact information will never be released without permission.


Be sure to list "Be-A-Friend Ambassador" on your resumes and applications. You are an Ally and an Upstander. Potential employers and schools will want you on their team!


There is no time commitment.  You can choose not to write certain Friend Mail Recipients and you can stop writing letters altogether. We know life can get busy and sometimes we have to take care of ourselves and our personal responsibilities before we can help support others. You are greatly appreciated for any amount of time spent as an Ambassador!


We will REIMBURSE YOUR POSTAGE EXPENSES if that is holding back your group or school from participating in an on-going basis! We want to make it EASY for you to keep sending your support to let kids recovering from severe bullying KNOW that they are not alone. All you have to do is send a note requesting the postage reimbursement (with name for check) inside your package of Friend Mail and you will receive a check in the amount of postage on the envelope.




People or groups awarded SUPER Ambassador Certificates have consistently contributed letters of support for at least two seasons and/or done something AMAZING to help grow and share the Be-A-Friend Project and its FRIEND STRONG message!

Dear Friend,


How do you become a Be-A-Friend Project Ambassador? IT'S EASY!


The first time that a class, school, organization or any group of K-12 kids or teens sends a batch of letters of support for a Friend Mail Recipient per season, they automatically become BE-A-FRIEND PROJECT AMBASSADORS and will receive an official certificate. (Be sure to leave your return address on the envelope.) FRIEND STRONG WRISTBANDS are also available to Ambassadors.


Individual K-12 writers sending support will also automatically receive a Certificate of Ambassadorship and wristbands after ONE FULL SEASON OF CONSISTENT LETTERS OF SUPPORT to each Friend Mail Recipient.


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