To Be a Be-A-Friend Ambassador...

Dear Friend,


ANY YOUTH, GROUP OR CLASS in Grades 1-12 can write letters to the featured Be-A-Friend Project Youth without becoming an Ambassador. EVERY letter makes a difference

 and lets the bullied child know they are not alone and that they matter!


If you would LIKE to become a Be-A-Friend Ambassador and receive a certificate (for a group, class or just for you), stickers and a wristband, here's what you need to do...


1. Create your own unique Pledge Card! :) This is your first opportunity to create a "letter" for the BAF Project. Copy down the BE-A-FRIEND PROJECT AMBASSADOR PLEDGE (below)! Be as creative as you want... draw, doodle, type... or be as serious and simple as you want, just putting pen to paper, it's up to you. It is YOUR PLEDGE. If you are creating a GROUP PLEDGE CARD, leave enough room for everyone to sign!















2. Sign your Pledge Card with a nickname to represent you or just use your first name or a group name. Use the name that you'll want to use when signing your Be-A-Friend letters!


3. Take a GOOD picture or scan your signed Pledge Card and email it to along with your "snail mail" address where we will send your BAF Project goodies. (If you prefer to "snail mail" a copy of your Pledge Card to us instead of email, that's okay, too! We'd love it!)  Shortly after, you will receive your Be-A-Friend Ambassador wrist band, stickers and certificate. You are officially a Be-A-Friend Ambassador!


Contact information, addresses and last names of any and all kids, both the letter-writers and the Project Youths receiving the letters, stay safely within the See The Wish office. Your last name and contact information will never be released without your and your parent's permission, for instance, in the case of a news article or group Ambassador photo, or if we are sharing a public news link that already contains that information.


YAY! I'm an Ambassador... now what?











As an Ambassador, you will receive email notifications when a new Project Youth is listed on our website!


Be sure to list "Be-A-Friend Ambassador" on your resumes and applications! You are an Ally and an Upstander. Potential employers and schools will want you on their team!


There is no time commitment.  You can choose not to write certain kids and you can stop writing letters altogether. We know life can get busy and sometimes we have to take care of ourselves and our personal responsibilities before we can help support others. You are greatly appreciated for any amount of time spent as an Ambassador!

Be-A-Friend Project Ambassador Pledge


"When I see a person or group of people doing something on purpose to make someone else feel hurt, sad or embarrassed, over and over again, I will choose to either speak up, reach out, be a friend or, if in doubt of the safety of the situation, get help from an adult I trust!"

Write Be-A-Friend letters!

Honor your pledge!

Tell us about any kids that might inspire you to write a letter!

Check out the Bushland FCCLA students

(Family, Career and Community Leaders of America)

wearing our stickers and Ambassador wristbands at their

GOLD MEDAL-WINNING competition for their

"RanDOm ACTS of KINDNESS" Campaign

that incorporated the BAF Project!


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