10-year-old Oklahoma athlete, mighty advocate for cancer patients and protector of little kids, bullied for wearing his favorite color, pink.


        The headline that became viral last month was "MOM: SON STABBED IN THE EAR WITH A SUCKER STICK ON THE SCHOOL BUS." That is enough to make us all cringe. SO SCARY! Tobbeey was held down by one boy on the school bus while the other jabbed the sucker (or, lollipop) stick into his ear.  Tobbeey says, "Once it hit my eardrum, it started hurting." He put up his hand and saw blood. His eardrum was ruptured and now he has hearing loss.


         Tobbeey was first targeted for bullying at the beginning of the school year when he wore sneakers with a pink trim. The color pink is a symbol of strong support for women fighting cancer. "Smart, caring and talented," Tobbeey had lost his beloved Nana to cancer four years earlier and then learned that his beloved aunt, his hero, was also fighting cancer. Tobbeey is his aunt's biggest supporter, says his mom. Every year he helps his aunt with her cancer fundraiser.  Every day, despite being bullied, he wears pink in some way to show his support, even if it's just his shoelaces.


"I feel like I'm not safe, because every time I go to the Principal's office, they say it's my fault because I always start it, but I am not the one starting it," Tobbeey told news reporter Maureen Wurtz of Ktul ABC 8.


      This young athlete plays football, basketball and soccer and is "usually the first kid to help with anything and everything," says his proud mom. "Every day after school, he helps the Pre-K kids get on the right bus and helps some cross the street before he gets on his own bus."




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